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Welcome to Night Vale sketches by Soul-Tigeress Welcome to Night Vale sketches :iconsoul-tigeress:Soul-Tigeress 1 0 Pride and Prejudice Gender-Bent  BBs 'n Darcy by Soul-Tigeress Pride and Prejudice Gender-Bent BBs 'n Darcy :iconsoul-tigeress:Soul-Tigeress 4 0 Pride and Prejudice Gender-Bent by Soul-Tigeress Pride and Prejudice Gender-Bent :iconsoul-tigeress:Soul-Tigeress 1 0
Primal- A Short Story
“Eugh” I repeatedly hit into the punching bag, I ventilate all my anger… all my resentment, all my pain. I transfer all of it into energy and into transfer that into my punches allowing it all to seep out and break away from me when I hit the bag.
There is nothing worse than self-loathing; there is no pain someone can push onto you that rivals the torture of constantly being at war with oneself. The trouble with self-loathing is that it always ends up twisted and deformed, it moves into depression or worse a complete breakdown of self. I hate myself
Or at least I hate some form of myself. I hate the part of me that leeches onto others and I hate the me that is weak and pitiful, most of all I hate the part of me that is always self-certain, that is positive that is
“AUGH!”  my right leg flies up and solidly my shin hits the bag centrally, and the bag moves just that once.
The constant battle I fight with myself is only made worse by the constant disgu
:iconsoul-tigeress:Soul-Tigeress 1 12
Why would you do this to me?
Why pretend you see me?
When clearly you don't.
It's horribly mean of you,
Don't you know every time you notice me,
It makes my heart flutter.
Why would you coax me out?
Why make me want to be visible?
It is so cruel to do this.
I want to be with you,
I want you to like me and see me,
I want to make you smile.
Why is it so hard?
Why can we never find time to talk?
Is the world so against me.
I'm sad when we don't talk,
I'm sad when I can't see you,
And just when I think it's fine there you are.
How is it we never bump into one another?
How do you not notice how clear it is?
Can't you see?
I think I might be falling in love with you.
:iconsoul-tigeress:Soul-Tigeress 3 0
Mature content
Hunters- Chimera on the beach :iconsoul-tigeress:Soul-Tigeress 0 0
Huters- Splrrt
"Splrrt" blood splattered across the room as Danzie haphazardly swang her axe about, ripping into the flesh of any Rouges that got too close. At that same moment blood was flicked onto Ferra's shirt as her knife upwardly sliced into the Rouge that had caused her to back up next to Danzie. I narrow my gaze as my back pushes to the wall "Bang" I shoot once, "Bang" and then I shoot again taking out two Rouges who were closing in on Ash, "krlch" another Rouge's head smashes to bits as Ash smacks it with her hockey stick before I can take aim. My shotgun hovers before me in the shaky grasp of my hand as I scan my surroundings "Bzzt…Bzzt… Serena, cover Caramier and Goran, there coming out." The walkie-talkie at my sound makes static sounds as I turn my gaze to the corridor that my friends are about to come out of.
Blood and flesh splatter everywhere as Goran punches his way out and Caramier follows behind using a pistol to shoot anything left. I cover them but not much, I'm respons
:iconsoul-tigeress:Soul-Tigeress 1 2
Hunters- Arrival
I'm holding my left arm against my chest, the blood spurting out of my forearm is beginning to stain my tank. Only a few more steps and I'll be within the high school, just a few more steps. 'Almost there Serena,' I tell myself struggling to stay conscious as I step off the road onto concrete ground. "Serena!" a cry rattles through my ears as I plummet face first to the ground.
Gulping down saliva, I run my tongue across my dry lips as my eyes feebly open. "Glad to see you're awake." The voice has a strict, not very glad sound to it; I move my neck to see who its owner is. It's a woman, my mind buzzes trying to recall her name… "Do I know you?" after failing to recollect a name to match the face I figure it's best to ask.
"Not really," her reply is sinister to my ears, "I'm just a mother of one of your class mates." Again my brain buzzes trying to pull up a fragment of memory concerning this woman, "You lost a lot of blood, lucky for you it was a friend who found you… Otherwi
:iconsoul-tigeress:Soul-Tigeress 2 0
Bird by Soul-Tigeress Bird :iconsoul-tigeress:Soul-Tigeress 3 0
Torn at heart
This is tearing me apart
How can I look at you
Every second, you are all that's on my mind
I want to reveal this to you
to fathom courage and confess to you
Oh, but how will you react
How can I know that you'll except this
You're amazing, such a great person
Every part of you is so spectacular
I love you, no I like you, no I..
I can't explain it, what I feel for you
Greater than like, More than lust
Not quite love, but something so close
This is more than a crush I'm sure
But you, you are so dear to me
How would I deal if you pushed me away
Something terrible is tearing me apart
I'm fretting so much and then I think of you
You put my mind at ease, brighten my day
Ever smile that adorns your face brings me smiles
Around you I feel genuinely happy
I have never felt so, so, oh there's no word for it
This is overwhelming, if you could just see
I'm so, my heart is so, you tear me to bits
There is no way, but I want there to be
Oh you have to like me, but no you won't
Deary me how do I, how
:iconsoul-tigeress:Soul-Tigeress 3 11
Pastel by Soul-Tigeress Pastel :iconsoul-tigeress:Soul-Tigeress 4 19 watercolour garden by Soul-Tigeress watercolour garden :iconsoul-tigeress:Soul-Tigeress 4 8 Charcole and Conti by Soul-Tigeress Charcole and Conti :iconsoul-tigeress:Soul-Tigeress 2 0 Arthur x Ariadne Reading by Soul-Tigeress Arthur x Ariadne Reading :iconsoul-tigeress:Soul-Tigeress 0 2 Arthur x Ariadne Plan by Soul-Tigeress Arthur x Ariadne Plan :iconsoul-tigeress:Soul-Tigeress 3 0 Dissolving girl WIP by Soul-Tigeress Dissolving girl WIP :iconsoul-tigeress:Soul-Tigeress 1 2

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Journal History


So I haven't used my deviantart account in forever, every now and then I check a few things but mostly I'm not on here. I finished my degree, and now I work in customer service. 
As for writing I actually keep a blog now dedicated to my writing, you can check it out at: The Short Story press
I also have a fashion blog which I only did for a uni project and is now kind of dead, and an online portfolio blog which you can check out at: Curiously Informative
That portfolio needs some updating actually seeing as I've had a few things change since it's last edit.

Not a lot of stuff has actually been happening with me but yeah I thought I might as well update you all in case someone actually missed my art or writing here.
  • Listening to: Someone's watching over me- Hilary Duff
  • Reading: So many books
  • Watching: Fairy Tail
  • Playing: Xenoblades and Harvest Moon
  • Eating: I had noodles with pork for dinner
  • Drinking: Water


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